Graco: High Performance Air-Assisted Spray Guns

The new air-assisted spray gun range of Graco (source: Graco)

The new air-assisted spray gun range of Graco (source: Graco)

The new range of Graco’s G15 and G40 manual air-assisted spray guns ( provides high quality finishing and is suitable for a wide variety of solvent and waterborne materials. A key feature of the lightweight gun is its ability to significantly vary its spray pattern without changing tips simply by rotating the fan pattern adjustment knob. The two models also feature a new aircap that provides uniform atomization and improved finish quality. The G15 is a 1500 psi model for use in the wood industry and other low and medium pressure applications. The G40 is a 4000 psi model for higher pressure applications. The guns weigh less and have a lighter trigger pull than any other air-assisted gun in its class. The AAF fine finish tip line is designed for soft spray and improved transfer efficiency. The pre-orifice assists in atomizing shear thinning materials, including waterbornes and lacquers and allows for lower pressure settings, reducing overspray, increasing transfer efficiency, and increasing tip life.

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