FinishPro II: the new air-assisted airless sprayer from Graco

Graco Inc. has introduced its new FinishPro II. This air-assisted airless sprayer operates at at lower pressure than traditional airless sprayers (34-103 bar vs. 103-206 bar), resulting in less overspray and more control.
The FinishPro II sprayer also features:
  • SmartComp: shuts off the compressor when the unit is not spraying, resulting in reduced noise and less user fatigue
  • On-Board air compressor: ideal for on-site finish jobs
  • Flat tip conversion kit: delivers extremely high performance in low-viscosity, light-bodied materials
  • Two sprayers in one: with the flip of a switch, change from air-assisted airless spraying for fine finishing to true airless spraying for priming and painting

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