Technology to manufacture paints with insecticide effect for outdoors

  • Introduction of insecticide substances in powder coatings
  • Insecticide effect lasts about two years
  • Applications: outdoors, from furniture to buildings

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, has collaborated with the Valencian company Adapta Color, a manufacturer of powder coatings, in the development of a new generation of paints with insecticide effect. The product is intended for use as coating in outdoor surfaces, from furniture to façades. The effectiveness can reach more than two years, it is said.

Biggest limitation of insecticide substances: unstable at higher temperatures

Nowadays there is a wide range of effective substances repellent to insects such as mosquitoes, which can transmit diseases such as malaria, encephalitis, yellow fever or dengue. But one of their biggest limitations is that these substances are unstable at higher temperatures. This characteristic makes their use difficult in many sectors, such as powder coatings, as they decompose or volatilize easily during the processes of manufacture and application.

Insecticide effect lasts about two years

The coating developed during the project is absolutely safe for human health, as it does not release odours and does not contain active substances that can be toxic for people. In addition, it is a long-life product since it has been shown that the paint does not have significant losses of the active substance when washing. The repellent activity can exceed two years, depending on the conditions of use.

Applications: outdoors, from furniture to buildings

The coating has been developed in a bright white colour with outdoor quality. However, the product does not have limitations in regards to other properties, colours and finishes. Possible applications are architecture and garden furniture.

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