Airless manual gun for heavy-duty corrosion protection

  • Wagner Protec GM 1
  • Available with a 2- or 4-finger trigger
  • Low trigger force even at the highest operating pressure

The new airless manual gun Wagner Protec GM 1 was developed for demanding protective coating applications and is specially suited for high solid and highly viscous coating materials.

Available with a 2- or 4-finger trigger

The airless manual gun is available with a 2- or 4-finger trigger, suitable for different material pressures and ergonomic demands. With its compact design and low trigger force, it enables fatigue-free working, even at the highest operating pressure. The fast and easy change of nozzles and the cage filter garantuees high availability without interruptions. The Wagner ProfiTip nozzle offers an easily adjustable nozzle guard and the possibility to get rid of blockages quickly using a 180° rotation of the nozzle. This ensures very good spraying properties.

The Protec GM 1 can be combined with other Wagner tools and accessories for heavy-duty corrosion protection such as Wagner IceBreaker high-pressure piston pumps for the material supply, the electronic mixing system Wagner Protec TwinControl or the mechanical 2-component system Wagner Protec 2K.

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