Binks 31-452 Air Motor Drive with 15:1 Gear Reduction

Binks Geared Air Drive Model 31-452
Binks Geared Air Drive Model 31-452

Technical Specifications

Power: 1 hp [0.75 kW]
Gearbox Ratio: 1:15
Speed (max.): 100 RPM
Speed range (recommended): 60-80 RPM
Air consumption: approx. 30 cfm [850 lpm]


Smooth-running, heavy-duty air motor with gear reducer used primarily for air-powered agitators. Motor speed can be adjusted by air volume (regulator not included). Note: The Model 31-452 Geared Air Drive has replaced the former Binks QS-5012/QS-5012-1.


The Binks 31-452 is suitable for Binks agitators of the QMG (plated steel) and QMS (stainless steel ) series agitators, including

  • QMG-417, 418, 419 and 420
  • QMS-431, 432, 433 and 434

Binks QMG and QMS series agitators are used in Binks 83G (galvanized) and 83S (stainless steel) series 2, 5, 10 and 15 gallon pressure paint tanks, including

  • 183G-213 (2-gallon ASME galvanized tank)
  • 183G-513 ( 5 gallon ASME galvanized tank)
  • 183G-1013 ( 10 gallon ASME galvanized tank)
  • 183G-1513 (15 gallon ASME galvanized tanks)
  • 183S-213 (2-gallon ASME SS tank)
  • 183S-513 (5 gallon ASME SS tank)
  • 183S-1013 (10 gallon ASME SS tank)
  • 183S-1513 (15 gallon ASME SS tank)

What is the difference between Binks 31-452 and Binks QS-5012/QS-5012-1-CE?

The Binks Air Motor Drive 31-452 has a gear ratio of 1:15 (recommended speed: 60-80 RPM) while the previous Binks QS-5012/QS-5012-1-CE had a gear ratio of 1:20 (recommended speed: 30-40 RPM).The Binks QS-5012 and QS-5012-1 Indirect Air Motor Drives are no longer available and have been replaced by the Binks 31-452.


Manual Binks Air Motor Drive 31-452 (*.pdf, Source: Carlisle Fluid Technologies)

Binks Air Motor for Sale

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Binks Air Motor 31-452

(supplied by: Pittsburgh Spray Equipment)


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