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Spray Gun and Finishing Basics

Spray Gun Painting Techniques

This comprehensive introduction into the different techniques of spray painting starts with a basic spray gun motion study, which starts from holding the gun, and includes the right stroke (pass), triggering and continuous spray motion. This practical guide also covers topics such as the right spraying of panels, horizontal surfaces, outside edges/corners and inside corners, and what to consider when doing slender work, jetting, open work and round work. The “modifications” to the painting techniques, due to the use of either HVLP, airless air assisted, conventional air atomized, electrostatic, airless air assist electrostatic and airless electrostatic, are also explained.

Click here (free, pdf, 12 pages, source: Finishingbrands)


ABC’s of Spray Finishing

This working guide to the selection and use of spray finishing equipment is a real ABC’s of spray

finishing. It includes topics such as surface and paint preparation, air supply equipment, spray booths, interesting facts about the different spray gun types and functions. There are separate chapters for operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. In addition, at the end of the document conversion tables are listed.

Click here (free, pdf, 38 pages, source: Finishingbrands)


Cleaning & Maintenance

These videos show the cleaning, maintenance and rebuilding of a spray gun. The first video shows the maintenance of a Devilbiss spray gun while the second video shows the manual cleaning of an Optima spray gun. Both are good guides that can be also taken as a basic for other spray gun brands.
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Manual Cleaning of Optima Trifity Spray Gun