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BASF introduces new 3D paint system


BASF has introduced a new 3D paint system, the foil coating system FGuard®. With its pore structures and grain, the newly developed system gives decorative foils for furniture an appearance resembling real wood. In addition, the 3D-effect of the finish conveys special haptics. Without having to use costly real wood, manufacturers can now use foil coatings to provide a natural wood appearance to doors and furniture. With the new method, the first step involves using a printing system to print a multicolour decorative pattern on pre-impregnated paper. The FGuard 3D pore structure paint is applied in the final printing unit. In the next step, a transparent topcoat is applied to the coated paper. The high drying temperature during the hardening of the topcoat causes the 3D structure to develop, according to the company.

Foil coatings are clear coats used to coat paper that is printed with a wood pattern. The end product, referred to as “finish foil”, is used to provide furniture, doors, and floor panels with decorative surface protection. Coating the foils is easier, quicker and more efficient than coating assembled furniture, for example. 

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