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tape for fixing of parts

Bonding of automotive parts without surface preparation

  • Double-sided attachment tape allows bonding of automotive attachment parts
  • No surface preparation necessary
  • Reduced processing costs

A new double-sided tape of company 3M allows the fixing of automotive attachment parts without surface preparation. The dark-black, double-sided attachment tape PX5000 features a special adhesive formulation on both sides. The tape can be used to connect automotive exterior trim parts such as body side moldings and claddings with difficult-to-bond automotive paints and surfaces. The PX5000 tape series offers very good, high temperature adhesion power to Low Surface Energy (LSE) and Medium Surface Energy (MSE) plastics – including thermoplastic olefin (TPO), polypropylene plastic (PP) and PP / ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber – as well as to medium-to-difficult automotive clear coat systems, without the need for an adhesion promoter or other surface pre-treatment methods.

It is said that the acrylic core, featuring a good internal strength and long term stability, ensures a good wetting and adaption to the surface geometry. Due to the lack of surface preparation, processing costs are reduced. Typical applications for the 3M tape are the fixing of strips, wind deflectors and sensors by OEMs.

Picture: The tape of allows bonding of automotive attachment parts (source: 3M)

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