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Fully automatic window painting with robots


The company Reiter GmbH + Co. KG Oberflächentechnik (Germany) has presented its ROWINCO (Robotic Window Coating) system at the recent fensterbau/frontale 2012.

Basis of the installation is a fully automated window scanning system: the geometry of the work piece is measured by a light curtain in two dimensions. Then special PC software generates automatically a suitable painting program. This painting program is then transferred to the painting robot. This “ROWINCO 2D” version is an affordable option of the “ROWINCO” concepts of Reiter to small or medium sized companies to paint automatically at a throughput of up to 30 complete standard window elements in eight hours. The difference to the ROWINCO 3D system is the recording of the workpieces. Here, the geometry of the workpieces gets recorded over a 3D scanner in combination with laser cameras on either side. The special software then generates a suitable painting program within 1 to 3 minutes automatically and makes therefore a capacity of up to 120 complete windows or components possible.The line can be operated continuously with no need to stop for programming, thus achieving highest availability. The system can be integrated into existing lines as well.

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