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Graco Inc.: Two-component multi-colour proportioner


The ProMix 2KE of Graco Inc. ( is a cost-effective plural component proportioning system for multi-color, two-component spray finishing applications. The system is able to handle flow rates of up to 3.8 litres per minute (1 GPM) with a wide range of ratios. It is suitable for most coatings, including

Photo: Graco

Photo: Graco

solventborne and waterborne epoxies and polyurethanes, plus acid catalyzed.  It is said that the on-ratio assurance and a USB memory reporting system are comparable to the ones only found on more sophisticated systems.  The meter-based system has single and 3-color configurations with a maximum fluid working pressure of 4000 PSI (in this case high pressure hose kit must be used). However, the system is suitable for all common spray technologies such are conventional air spray, HVLP, air-assisted and even electrostatic.

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