Innovative anodized effect on plastic parts
Anodized effect paint on mobile phones

Innovative anodized effect on plastic parts

  • Coating replicates appearance of anodized metal
  • Replaces hazardous conventional anodic oxidation process
  • ‘Glimmer’ and ‘Grain’ effect from every angle

The conventional anodic oxidation process employs an acidic liquid as medium, a process that generates greenhouse emissions in the form of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs). By adopting company Becker’s new coating application to create an anodized effect on plastic substrates, this process is completely avoided. Plastic substrates can now be finished in a range of anodized effects that closely replicate the appearance of anodized metal. The ‘glimmer’ and ‘grain’ effect is seen from every angle. The grain size and colours of the metallic effect can be adjusted as required. Available in several colours, the new anodized effect coatings are helping transform mobile design. The company will showcase its latest range of finishing products at the upcoming Paint Expo 2018.

Main picture: Anodized effect paint on mobile phones (source: Becker)

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