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Refinishing training program provides elements of a franchise at reduced cost

  • NAPCO’s training program offers affordable franchise alternative
  • 2-day class teaches students the basics of spray finishing and running a business

Bathtub, tile and counter refinishing (or reglazing) is the process by which a technician removes old layers of paint or varnish, then primes the surface, and applies a final coat. The process can be difficult, impossible maybe, for untrained people to do well. Refinishing franchises have been around for quite a few years. The costs vary, but according to Steve Coven, President of North American Polymer Company (NAPCO), “It might cost between $50,000 and $100,000 to get in the game with a franchise.” That just didn’t sit right with Steve, so he endeavored to build a better model. NAPCO offers a refinishing training, supply and support package that rivals franchise offerings but at a cost accessible to everyday Americans.

What does NAPCO teach trainees?

It starts with explaining the supplies and equipment required. The final color is sprayed on using a professional spray gun. Trainees spend a lot of time practicing this skill. The 2-day class also teaches students about marketing and the basics of running a small business. After the class, NAPCO offers market and technical support.


NAPCO Ltd is a 36 year-old company providing equipment, supplies and training to professional kitchen and bathroom refinishers. The company offers alternatives to replacement of counters, sinks, tile and bathtubs. NAPCO is located in Skokie, IL and services all 50 states and 5 foreign countries.


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