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SATAjet 4000 B spray gun design contest


With some special skills and a bit of luck, you may soon hold a SATA spray gun finished in your own design in your hands. The new Sata design contest includes prices such as one (1) SATAjet 4000 B DIGITAL finished in your own design (1st – 3rd prize) and one (1) regular SATAjet 4000 B RP DIGITAL (4th – 10th prize). On top of that, the winner might be specially honoured: If the artwork is appealing, it will be launched as a SATA special edition spray gun. So the winner of the contest will see his creation become part of the extensive collection of popular SATA special edition guns. The winner will hence be mentioned in a row with the names of famous artists in this industry, like Chip Foose or Leah Gall from the US who already designed unique special edition guns for SATA.

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