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The middle way – Medium-Pressure Spraying Technology


It is a common believe that there are only two spraying technologies available: “conventional” and HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure). But for many applications neither conventional nor HVLP is the optimum solution. The medium pressure system is aimed to close this gap and combine the advantages of the two above mentioned spraying technologies. The medium pressure system of Walther Pilot, one of the first companies that introduced a medium pressure spraying system, achieves a transfer efficiency of over 65% which is comparable to HVLP. The system works with an atomizing pressure of 1.5 bar (HVLP usually below 1.0 bar). The medium-pressure air cap was completely re-engineered and called “HVLP-Plus”. Test at the Fraunhofer institute proved the high transfer efficiency of the HVLP-Plus spray guns (78%-88%) compared to HVLP spray guns (71%-88%) under same conditions. In certain applications the transfer efficiency of HVLP-Plus can be even higher than of HVLP. It is also worth to mention that if the material is supplied by a pressure tank or pump this has a positive effect on the transfer efficiency.
The air caps of the company’s HVLP-Plus can be recognized by its blue colour. And the HVLP-Plus technology offers another benefit as well: the system requires significantly less compressed air, i.e. whereas the consumption for HVLP is typically 500Nl/min the HVLP-plus only requires around 300 Nl/min. More information:

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