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Treatment of paint rinsing water and process water


Vacuum distillation plants

The German company H2O GmbH is the largest European supplier of energy saving vacuum distillation systems. The vacuum distillation plants are processing the waste water ingeniously simple: the water evaporates under vacuum and the resulting condensation feeds all energy back into the system. Thus the vacuum pump is the only energy consumer in the system. The plant operates at minimum costs and the treated distillate can be recycled. The pollutants in the process and waste water are concentrated to a maximum level and can be reused or disposed of. Due to the significant reduction of energy input and the low operating costs, the investment in the Vacudest system is recovered quickly, it is said.

This series of vacuum distillation systems is designed to treat process water (like cooling lubricants, die casting emulsions, landfill leakage) and rinsing water (like from galvanic, degreasing, parts cleaning, and pre-treatment), incl. floor washing water and washing water from vehicle cleaning.

Painting and coating applications

Parts have to be degreased before they are painted or powder coated. The rinsing water is contaminated or used up after a certain period of time and must be replaced. This contaminated rinsing water can also be treated continuously in the Vacudest system. The clean distillate is recycled to the last cascade as desalinated water. Spent active baths can also treated in the Vacudest  system and the distillate is reused for the preparation of new active baths. The company has more than 900 customers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

(Note: VACUDEST is a registered trademark)

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