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9600-4 Fuji Xpc HVLP Turbine Spray Gun

Part Number: 9600-4
Description: Fuji Manual Spray Gun (Gravity Feed)
Nozzle: 1.4mm
Air Cap: #4
Cup: 1000 cc
– Pattern control knob to adjust size of fan pattern from small to large
– Non-Bleed Spray gun for less blowing around of shop dust
– High-Efficiency Air cap installed for even less overspray
– Insulated Stay-Cool HandleMisc.: The Fuji Xpc Gravity Spray Gun features a side pattern control knob
to adjust the size of the fan from small to large and any size in between. The
pattern control knob allows you to adjust to the exact size of the object you
are spraying. This is a tremendous improvement over the antiquated ‘collar’
pattern adjustment still used on most HVLP turbine guns that do not provide
fully incremental sizes. Other desirable features include 100% stainless fluid
components, stainless springs, metal knobs and collar, ergonomic handle that
is always cool to the touch.
Please note: Fuji spray guns can only be used with an HVLP Turbine (any make). They cannot be used with standard compressors.
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