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AirPro EFX: the automatic air spray Gun of Graco


AirPro EFX Automatic Air Spray Gun

Item No.: 24B8xx

Technical Information:

Nozzles Sizes: 0.7mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm 1.1mm, 1.3mm or 1.5mm
Nozzle Material: SST
(Option: carbide for 1.0mm and 1.5mm)
Atomization Techniques:
HiTEch, LVMP, HVLP or Conventional.
Weight (manifold style): 575g
Weight (direct connect style):
Maximum working fluid pressure: 7 bar (0.7 MPa)
Maximum working air pressure:
7 bar (0.7 MPa)
Maximum working fluid temperature:
49°C (120°F)


The needle packing design is made to withstand also abrasive materials, including UV coatings. A special feature is the precision fluid adjustment with a micro-meter-telescoping knob which also allows repeatability of the fluid adjustment. Three different fluid adjustment knobs for better flow rate precision are available. Quick disconnect air fittings decrease time in case of maintenance. The guns are available in two mounting styles, i.e. manifold and direct connect. Certain models of the AirPro EFX automatic air spray guns (1.0, 1.5mm nozzle) are equipped with tungsten carbide that keep the guns lasting longer while spraying metallic coatings and abrasive materials. According to the company, each gun is shipped with a serialized spray pattern imaging report that includes an actual spray pattern photo produced using laser-light sheet imaging. This allows users to view a report that lists spray pattern benchmarks that each gun must comply with before shipping.


General purpose finishing, special focus on electronics parts, such as computers, cell phones, consumer electronics and car electronics

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