Devilbiss FLG 5 Spray Gun (Gravity, Suction)

Devilbiss FLG 5 Spray Gun (Gravity, Suction)


Devilbiss Finishline FLG-5 Spray Gun Series

Model No.: FLG-G5, FLG-S5

Technical Information:

Nozzles: 1.4mm, 1.8mm
Atomisation Technology:  Trans-Tech
Air Cap: #5 (Air Flow: 9.8 CFM/277 lpm)
Rebuild Kit: available (K-5040)
Spare Parts: Nozzle, needle, air cap (incl. retaining ring)
Maximum Air Pressure:
 175 PSI/12 bar
Gun Body: Forged Aluminum
Air Inlet: Universal ¼” (BSP and NPS)
Gun Weight: 930 g

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the model code of the FLG-5 spray gun?
    FLG-G5-14 is Gravity Feed Gun & Cup Kit (nozzle: 1.4 mm – Air Cap No. 5)
    FLG-S5-18 is Suction Feed Gun & Cup Kit (nozzle: 1.8 mm – Air Cap No. 5)
    FLG: Basis Model of spray gun
    G, S: Feed type (Gravity, Pressure, Suction)
    5 : Air Cap (#5)
    14: Nozzle Size (14=1.4mm)

Service Manual/Parts Breakdown

Devilbiss FLG5 Service Manual  (Source: Devilbiss)


The Devilbiss FLG 5 spray gun can be considered as a general purpose spray gun for a range of refinish paints and coatings. The gun uses the so-called Trans-Tech atomisation technology of Devilbiss and is available as gravity or suction (siphon) feed gun.

NOTE: not suitable for use with waterborne materials


Automotive refinishing, general purpose finishing

Competitor Products:

Devilbiss FLG4, Optima 900, Iwata LS-400, Devilbiss JGX-502, Devilbiss Startingline

Where to buy:

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Devilbiss FLG-5-18 Gravity Spray Paint Gun 1.8mm Tip + Pressure Regulator
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