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SCA tandem dosing unit

Continuous material flow in coating lines


In automotive and industrial paint shops, it is often necessary to process large quantities of sealing or insulating materials with high precision. To avoid downtime and reduce costs the company SCA has introduced the new, electrical driven tandem dosing unit ADKE-T5000-0080. With this unit, high amounts of adhesives, sealings and insulation materials can be applied via robot constantly and basically continuously.

In operation, the unit conveys the adhesive to the application nozzle at the robot hand which then applies the material via adhesive beading or flat jet “continuously” onto the car body. The tandem unit consists of two single piston dosing units which are interconnected with each other. While one dosing unit, usually with PVC-based material, is filled, the other dosing unit conveys the material to the application die at the robot hand. An intelligent changing over logic ensures that material is applied in a constant flow without interruption during the routine refilling. Quantity and pressure can be controlled exactly throughout the whole process. The flow rate is between 1,5 and 25 cm3 per second, the maximum pressure 250 bar.

Due to an automatic spindle lubrication and durable sealings for the material chambers, the whole unit is very maintenance friendly. And the unit is safe to operate, i.e. any possible contact of the maintenance personnel with toxic substances such as softeners is avoided.

Picture: The tandem dosing unit ADKE-T5000-0080 consists of two single dosing units which are interconnected with each other. While one dosing unit is refilled, the other unit applies the material (source: SCA)

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