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Wagner pump with two hoppers

New accessories for high-pressure diaphragm pump


Wagner has introduced new accessories for its Wagner Cobra pump, the only high-pressure diaphragm pump for up to 250 bar material pressure.

A 2 liter hopper with a quick exchange system and shut-off valve for the Wagner Cobra 40-10 allows a quick color change including intermediate flushing when multiple hoppers are in use. This works also when the hoppers are not completely empty. A new 20 liter stainless steel hopper is suited for large amounts of paint and is especially advantageous for the processing of paint with higher viscosity.

The Wagner Cobra 40-10 respectively 40-25 can be mounted horizontally to the new trolley. It allows maximum maneuverability and flexibility in the workshop or coating booth.

Picture: WAGNER Cobra with 2L hoppers (source: Wagner Group)

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