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Piston Pneumatic Transfer Pumps for Coatings and Liquids


The Italian company Larius is specialized in pump technology for low and high pressure applications. The company puts a special focus on its range of piston pneumatic transfer pumps which are suitable for a wide range of coating and liquids. The pumps, for instance from Vega Omega and Nova range, are available in different ratios and with different maximum flow rates.
All pneumatic transfer pumps work with a compressed air motor that moves the piston vertically up and down. The medium is suctioned by the lower part of the pump and then carried to the discharge port. The design of the pumping section  (suction valve, pump piston, material seal gaskets) permits the supply of material when the piston is in the ascending or descending phase. Depending on the application two different types of pneumatic piston pumps can be offered: In-Line (air motor and pump section in one body) and Divorced (air motor separated from the pump and fluid section). Special stainless steel and carbon steel models are available for abrasive and corrosive materials. All Larius pistone pumps are ATEX certified.


(picture source: Larius)

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