Cefla introduces Cost-Effective Automated Spray Booth

Cefla introduces Cost-Effective Automated Spray Booth


Automated spray equipment provides fast and high-quality finishing for most spray coating applications. However, for many small to medium-sized manufacturers such equipment is simply not affordable. The Cefla Finishing Group has addressed this problem and launched its new Prima automated spray system. The Prima is a reciprocating spray system for water or solvent-based coatings.  It is said to be one of the most cost-effective automated spray booth on the market.

The system has a working area up to 1300mm wide, with variable process speeds from 1-3 meters/minute. The oscillating spray system can be equipped with up to four spray guns. The Prima system also features an automated paper conveyor which assures consistent edge coating without overspray on the underside of panels. The Prima control, including a 6″ touch-screen” includes an automated part detection system to communicate panel size and position. The control also features real-time diagnostics of production speed and output.


(Pircure Source: Cefla Finishin Group)

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