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Electro-Mechanical Mixing Device PU3000, Kremlin Rexson


Multi-Component Dosing and Mixing Device

Item No.: PU3000

Technical Information:

– Flow rate (max.): 0.52 GPM (2 l/min)
– Output pressure (max.): 5076 psi / (350 bar)
– Number of components: 1 x base material, 1 x catlyst and 1 x solvent
– Flushing type: semi-automatic
– Mixing accuracy: ± 1%
– Mixing ratio: variable (from 1:1 to 20:1)
– Air inlet pressure (max.): 6 bar
– Fluid viscosity: 30 – 8000 cps


The PU3000 mixing device of Kremlin Rexson has a electro-mechanical design with a flexible mixing ratio of 1:1 to 1:20. The patented pump change-over, the so-called  Free Pulse Electronic technology (FPE), allows a very constant output and a +/- 1 % metering accuracy. The direct injection into the static mixer leads to a very good mixing of the materials. The ratio can be checked in the 2 liters test tube which allows a visual control of the mixing accuracy. The company also offers dosing units featuring mechanical design (PU 2125F and PU 2160F) and electronic design (Cyclomix Micro+, Cyclomix, Multi and Cyclomix Expert).


solvent or water based materials, polyurethanes, MS polymers, primers, silicon, lacquers, epoxy, PVC, glues, zinc

Further information:

Kremlin Rexson

(Picture source: Kremlin Rexson)

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