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Herkules “Quick Clean” Waterborne Paint Gun Washer


Quick Clean Waterborne Paint Gun Washer from Herkules

Item No.: G505

Technical Description

Cleaning Time: about 20 seconds

incl. air dry gun


This compact spray gun washer can be easily mounted on the wall, the wash and waste containers are located in the cabinet. The system features a push-up nozzle for one-handed cleaning, powerful fluid pressure and a hands-free brush. This combination allows a cleaning time of only about 20 seconds and is also suitable for use with disposable cup systems.

Possible options (NOT included in the standard version) include a stand, 5 gallon containers, and pressurized air channel line.


Waterborne and solvent borne spray guns

Service Manual

Herkules Paint Gun Washer Operation Manual (Source: Herkules)

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