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Multi-component mixing system based on injection principle


The Detronic Mix multi-component mixing and dosing unit of German Dr. Tettenborn GmbH was specifically designed to meet the increasingly higher demands on process control and to ensure a constant mixing quality.

The unit based on the injection principle volumetrically monitors the material flows to be mixed in real time and controls the dosage independently in individually definable tolerance limits. The unit can be operated via touchscreen, and different user levels permit an individualized access of the unit’s functions.

The Detronic Mix can mix up to three components, the smallest possible dosage is 1,0 %, also single-component materials can be processed by the unit. Moreover, it has an automatic pot life surveillance with banking function and is suitable for almost all liquid media like resins, coatings, solvents, release agents, and water. The volumetric flow meters are individually selected for the purpose of processing.

Picture: Measuring cell for Stamm and accelerator (source: Dr. Tettenborn GmbH)

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