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Edrizzi filter system

Novel paint mist separator


The so-called Edrizzi filter system (patented) can be considered as a novel concept for paint mist separation. A cube made of naturally renewable raw materials forms the core of this technology. The filter can be retrofitted to existing systems, works in surface-mounted and under-floor conditions, and also in the vertical or horizontal positions.

The filter box system consists of individual square fire-retardant cardboard folding boxes, which can be assembled to a composite filter surface of any size based on the building block principle. The sheet metal frames serve as a supporting structure. The dimensions of the individual filter boxes are WxLxH = 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5m. The inner structure of each filter box is designed in such a manner that the paint´s effect of inertia is used. This allows a degree of separation of over 95% and a storage capacity of more than 60kg/m², according to the company. After complete saturation, it is possible to replace individual filter box elements without having to change the entire filter wall. The saturated filter boxes are removed from the sheet metal frame and put into hazardous goods packing that can be supplied on request.

The Edrizzi filter system including the sheet metal element and secondary filter element NFE 02 (photo: brainflash)

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