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Paint hose fittings made of nylon plastics


Hosco Fittings LLC ( announced a new line of plastic nylon hose fittings made to help reduce or eliminate hose failure in factories around the world.

The new line of plastic hose fittings are made with injection molded nylon. The non-conductive fittings are made with double barb design for maximum hose retention, and are ideal for electrostatic coating or other applications which require a lightweight, durable hose connector.  Sizes are available now in 6X8, 7X10, 9X12, and 3/8 X ½ hose size, all with ¼” NPT male thread. The fittings are certified “silicone free” along with the rest of Hosco Fittings finishing products.

(photo: Hosco Fittings LLC)

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