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RECLAIM: Wet painting – dry separating


Wet painting & dry separating is the motto of the patented RECLAIM system of German company Keller. It is said that up to 95% of the cleaned and conditioned air can be recycled and led back into the spray booth.

By means of a compressed air pulse, the overspray saturated precoat is cleaned automatically in the filter. In general, the saturated precoat material can be used again. The advantages are up to 80% lower heating costs, up to 50% lower energy consumption, no need for chemicals and no costly paint sludge disposal.

This highly efficient and energy saving filter system consists of a of Big Bag material supply station (storage and supply of the limestone precoat material for the coating of the filter), dosing unit DOS-K, the Vario Reclaim filter system itself and Big Bag disposal station. The whole line is controlled by a SIMATIC control and designed for 24 hours operation.

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