Thermo Regulating unit for compressed Air installations

Thermo Regulating System for Compressed Air Systems


The Italian company Walmec is offering its Walcom TD1 thermo regulating unit for compressed air installations which can be installed with the company’s existing filtering systems. Using hot air and keeping precise temperature can improve the quality and stability of spray paint applications. The main benefits are that drying time can be reduced by 30-40% for solvent paints 25-30% for waterborne paints. Overall, an improved transfer efficiency of 10-15% can be achieved. In addition the quality of parts increases as there are no orange peel effects and no loss of gloss (die back).
The patented Walcom TD¹ combines a heating cartridge resistance unit with an internal heated hose IPH, controlled by a PID (Proportional Integral System). This double heating allows the operator to set and maintain the compressed air temperature at spray gun inlet regardless of environmental changes.
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