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Kremlin Cyclomix Micro – Case Study – CRM Inc.


Case Study

The company CRM Inc. is finishing gear boxes for a special contracted project that uses Reflective Energy onto panels in the Mojave Desert. A high quality finish with very good color match is required by the end user. The coating is a 2K Dupont Imron Polyurethane topcoat.

Cyclomix Micro Green

(Source: Kremlin Rexson)

The original finishing process used a mixing system that had been installed for 6-7 months.  Mark Ray, President of CRM, states that the system was not user friendly. The system began flushing itself and pumping solvent as a CRM finisher was in normal, operational paint mode. There was no repeatability. The company consumed a 55 gallon drum of MEK every two weeks with this system.

CRM was then referred to EXEL by one of their suppliers that was familiar with the Kremlin Cyclomix Micro system. The system was purchased on a “Spray Before You Pay” program which allows to prove the functionality of the system prior to purchasing it.The Kremlin 2K Cyclomix Micro system installed: (1) – Cyclomix Micro 1+1 w/ Catalyst Flush, (1) – Flowmax® 04:120 pump, (2) – 10:14 pumps, (1) – Spraymium w / LP applicator.

It is said that the system was easy to install, user friendly, and it worked from day one. Mark Ray stated, “The 2K Cyclomix Micro system is reliable, repeatable and saves on coating costs. CRM has experienced 25% – 50% savings in labor costs. Now, they use less than 2 quarts of solvent each day.

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