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LPH400-LVX-134LVB Gravity Spray Gun


Iwata LPH400-LVX Spray Gun HVLP

Item No.: LPH400-LVX-134LVB (5660)

Technical Information:

Nozzle: 1.3mm
Atomizing PSI: 16.0
CFM: 9.8
Fluid Output (ml/min): 120
Pattern Width mm (inch): 300 (11.8)
Air Cap Model: LVX
Weight g (lbs): 362 (0.8)


This is a full-size center post gravity feed HVLP spray gun. This “LVX eXtreme” is a special version of the “LV” standard and made for a wide range of basecoats and engineered to provide increased productivity in application for solvent or waterborne basecoats. Inlet pressures, spray distance and overlap are the same for the “LVX” as for the normal “LV”.


Automotive refinish Fine Metallic and Pearls

Competitor Products:

Binks Mach1, Devilbiss GTIPRO


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