Raider 160: compact pump for small and medium workshops


The Raider 160 pump of company Sagola features a compact and easy-to-clean design. With a capacity 1.26 l/min of paint flow, this pump is suitable for small and medium workshops

Sagola Raider 160 pump

The Raider 160 pump has a flow capacity of 1.26 l/min (photo: Sagola)

that apply lacquers, enamels, primers and fillers. Main features are:

Pressure ratio 16:1
Maximum outlet pressure: 96 bar
Maximum inlet pressure: 6 bar
Air consumption: 200 l/min
Free flow (60 cycles/min.): 1.26 l/min
Maximum tip: 0.013″
Weight: 12,2 kg

The pump is available in wall mounted version, with trolley for transport, with absorption tube or gravity deposit (for small productions or color changing), or pump only for the integration in complex painting installations.

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