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Sata Automatic Spray Gun LPS RB2000 RP


Sata Automatic marking spray gun

Item No.: LPS RB 2000 RP (92908)

Technical Information:

Nozzle: 0.5mm
Atomization Technique:
RP technology
Air consumption: 120 – 150 Nl/min (at 4.0 bar)
Air consumption (LPS RB 2000 RP):  200 – 250 Nl/min (at 3 bar)
Operating pressure: 2 bar
Required minimum control air: 3 bar
Max. permissible air pressure (HVLP): 10 bar
Max. permissible material pressure: 5 bar
Max. permissible operating temperature of the material: 50° C (353 K)
Air connection: G 1/4″
Control air connection: G 1/4″
Total weight (without connections): 480 g


This automatic spray gun of Sata is designed to apply large amounts of material and can be operated with an extensions of up to 3m and a wide range of other accessories. The gun employs the so-called RP technology, i.e. low inlet pressure for reduced overspray and VOC-compliant transfer efficiency. In general, the gun is suitable for waterborne paints, the needles and fluid tips are made of stainless steel and the spray gun body is thoroughly anodised. The air caps are made of brass (not aluminium). Self-adjusting air and material sealings and long lifetimes of the sealings significantly reduce maintenance. The continuous round/flat spray control allows the fan to be adjusted to basically any object.

Also available:

LPS RB 2000 RP  (0.8mm): 92916
LPS R 2000 (0.5mm): 92940


General purpose finishing,for various paint applications, such as markings or internal coatings of tubes

Service Manual

Sata LPS RB 2000 RP Service Manual (Source: Sata)

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(picture Source: Sata)

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