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Spray coating technology combines robot and reciprocator

Ven Spray Vario of Venjakob Maschinenbau

VEN SPRAY VARIO combines robot and reciprocator (photo: Venjakob Maschinenbau)

Under the designation VEN SPRAY VARIO, Venjakob Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) has developed a brand new plant and coating technology, which combines the flexibility of an industrial painting robot with the high output of a reciprocating spraying machine. The result is a new plant configuration which includes precise coating of edges by robot and coating of surfaces by reciprocator with constant speed “inline”, i.e. no stopping, no “stop and go” are necessary. Therefore more output (coated surface/minute) can be achieved in comparison to other machines, available on the market. There is also the better cross linking of the paint film at the transition from the surface to the edges. Complex 3-D parts can be coated while stationary. In this case the usage of the optional paper belt transport system is recommended. For further flexibility, the plant can also be operated only in surface modus.


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