Model 95 Hand Spray Gun from Binks | Spray Finishing News

95 Series Pressure/Suction Spray Gun

Part Number: Model95
Description: Binks Manual Conventional Spray Gun (Pressure/Suction Feed)
Nozzle: 66SS (0.07″ / 1.8mm)
CFM: 12.1 CFM @ 50 psi
Air Cap: 66SD
Pattern Size: 10.5″
Weight: 27 ozNote: The Model 95 has stainless steel fluid passages which may be used with most coatings, incl. water-based. It has replaced classic models such as 18, 62 and BBR spray guns and incorporates following features: drop-forged anodized aluminium body, adjustable floating needle valve, stainless or tungsten carbide fluid nozzle and a plated drop-forged brass self-centring air nozzle.

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