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Devilbiss AGN automatic spray gun

AGN-502-FFH Devilbiss Spray Gun

Part Number: AGN-502-FFH
Type: Devilbiss Automatic Spray Gun
Air Cap: 797 (AV-4239-797)  1.4mmDescription:
This is a lightweight diaphragm operated automatic spray gun for use with ceramic glaze, vitreous enamels, liquid polishing compounds and similar materials. The standard gun is fitted with a rubber diaphragm which is not suitable for solvent based coating materials (but can be converted for use with solvent based materials if equipped with a PTFE (teflon) diaphragm. Nozzles are available in stainless steel (high grade) and hardened Nitralloy steel.Nozzles:
The nozzles are interchangeable with the popular JGA and JGV conventional guns. The Stainless Steel nozzles are embossed with AV-1915-… which is identical with AV-645-…. (AV-645-… must be used if you want to order):2.2 mm → AV-1915-DAV-645-D
1.8 mm → AV-1915-E → AV-645-E
1.4 mm → AV-1915-FFAV-645-FF
1.2 mm → AV-1915-FZ → AV-645-FZ
1.1 mm → AV-1915-FXAV-645-FX

Air Caps:
The same air caps are used as for JGA and JGV manual guns. A two or three digit number is embossed on the air cap which must used at the end of the order number. The most popular air caps are:

30 → AV-4239-30
43 → AV-4239-43
186 → AV-4239-186
704 → AV-4239-704
705 → AV-4239-705
765 → AV-4239-765
777 → AV-4239-777
797 → AV-4239-797

Most nozzles and needles are still available as new spare parts. Contact us for more details, also if you want a complete nozzle, needle, air cap overview.

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