What is the best spray gun for Plasti Dip?

What is the best spray gun for Plasti Dip?


Plasti Dip has become increasingly popular over the years with automotive refinishing one of the main applications. But what spray gun can be used for Plasti Dip?

Electric (HVLP) Sprayers

These kinds of DIY sprayers are widely recommended. When surfing the internet, it even seems that this is the only solution for Plasti Dip. But this is not the case. They are popular as they are cheap alternatives (no compressor required), not necessarily because they feature superior coating results.

PLASTI DIP is an air dry, synthetic rubber coating

PLASTI DIP is an air dry, synthetic rubber coating that can be easily applied by spraying


Air Spray Guns (conventional)

With professional “conventional” air spray guns (like from Devilbiss, Binks or Krautzberger) the best coating results can be achieved. Here stands “conventional” for spray guns which work with a pressure of higher than 1 bar, and which are not working according to a HVLP system. Both gravity and pressure feed spray guns can be used. Cost-effective alternatives are, for example, the Devilbiss FLG-4 and Devilbiss GFG-670. Siphon/Suction type is not recommended. In general, Primer guns are a good choice.

Devilbiss FLG-4

Nozzle size can start as small as 1.2mm (pressure feed) to 1.4-1.8mm (gravity feed). Depending on the nozzle size, the Plasti Dip material has to be diluted with thinners up to 50%.

Plasti Dip International, for example, recommends the Binks Model 95 with 1.2mm (0.046″) nozzle and an air cap that features a maximum air consumption of up to 20 cfm (566 lpm) at 70PSI (4.8 bar) in combination with up to 50% dilution. Note: this is only the maximum throughput of the air cap at highest pressure. Under normal working conditions the material pressure should be adjusted between 20-25 PSI (1.4-1.7 bar) and air atomization between 15 -25psi (1.0-1.7 bar) at the tank.

Summarized: the nozzle size is not much of an issue as the Plasti Dip can be diluted up to 50%. An air cap (air nozzle) with higher air throughput at air pressure above 1 bar are a good choice.

Air Spray Gun (HVLP)

It is also possible to spray with an HVLP spray gun if, for example, local regulations require it. But the “less than 1 bar” limitation at the air cap/nozzle seems not to be an advantage.

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