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Iwata SUPERNOVA LS400 Gravity Spray Gun HVLP

Item No.: LS400-1302 (5810)

Technical Information:

Nozzle: 1.3mm
Atomizing PSI: 19.0
CFM: 10.56
Fluid Output (ml/min): 115
Pattern Width mm (inch): 310 (12.22)
Air Cap Model: LS-400-02 (CLEARCOAT PLATINUM)
Weight g (lbs): 423 (0.93)


Two versions of the SUPERNOVA are available, the LS400 for clear coat and the LS400 for basecoat. Both spray guns can be equipped with either a 1.3mm or a 1.4mm fluid nozzle, therefore very suitable for automotive refinishing. The basecoat version can be recognized by its golden color air-cap. And regarding the atomizing technology there are two versions available. The well-known HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology and the so-called HYBRID technology which is said to incorporate the best of HVLP technology with the speed of compliant guns. According to the company it is compliant with HVLP legislation (i.e. 10 psi at air cap) while increasing speed and productivity. This hybrid gun is sold under the name HYBRID LS400H.


Automotive refinishing, spot repair

Competitor Products:

Devilbiss GTIPRO, Devilbiss JGX-502

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