Air Agitator Mixer – 40 liter/10 Gallon – Quick Mixer (hand-held type)

The Quick-Mixer 2AM-HDS40 is a direct drive air operated agitator with handle and used to mix low to medium viscosity materials of 40-100 liters (10-25 gallon) by hand.

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Technical Information

Model: 2AM-HDS40
Type: Quick-Mixer (hand-held) with handle
Capacity: 40-100 liter [10-25 gallon]
Motor Type: Air Motor
Motor Power: 3/4 HP [0.56 kW]
Speed: 300-3,000 RPM
Impeller: 1 x 126 mm [5 in], material: thermoplastic PE
Shaft length: 500 mm [20 in]
Operating Pressure (max.): 7 bar [102 psi]
Application: low to medium viscosity


This hand-held type (also called “quick mixer) is used for a standard capacity of approx. 40 litre. The design is the same as 2AM-AG40, but the 2AM-HDS40 has a handle.


Low to Medium viscosity (for approx. 40 litre containers) by hand

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