Binks 95 Paint Spray Gun (Pressure/Suction Feed)

The Binks 95 is a conventional spray gun that can be equipped with a wide range of different air caps and fluid nozzles to atomize paints and fluids, incl. heavy bodied coatings

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Technical Specifications

Part Number: 6121-43-7-9
Model: Binks 95SL (66SS x 66SD)
Nozzle: 66SS (1.8 mm / 0.07 in)
Air Cap: 66SD
Air Consumption (@ 50 psi): 12.1 cfm [343 lpm]
Spray Pattern: 10.5 in [267 mm]
Atomizing System: conventional
Gun Type: Manual (pressure feed)
Fluid Inlets: 3/8” NPS (m)
Air Inlet: ¼” NPS (m)
Weight: 27 oz [765 gram]
Construction: Forged Aluminum


The Binks Model 95 spray gun has stainless steel fluid passages that can be used with most coatings. Replacing classic models such as the Binks Model 18, 62 and BBR spray guns, the 95 spray gun features a drop-forged anodized aluminium body, adjustable floating needle valve, stainless steel fluid nozzle and a plated drop-forged brass self-centering air nozzle. Tungsten Carbide fluid tips are available as an option (not included) for use with certain abrasive fluids and coatings.


General purpose finishing, including ceramics & similar abrasive materials

Service Manual/Parts Breakdown

Binks 95SL service manual  (source: manualz)


(not included)

Repair Kits:
Fluid Inlet and Air Valve Kit: 54-3577 (not included)
Fluid Inlet Packing Kit: 54-4225 (not included)
Air Valve Spindle Kit: 54-4226 (not included)

Fluid Nozzle Options

Nozzle No. Orifice Size (inch) Orifice Size (mm)
59ASS .171 4.3
59BSS .218 5.5
59CSS .281 7.1
63SS .028 0.7
63ASS .040 1.0
63BSS .046 1.2
63CSS .052 1.3
65SS .059 1.5
66SS .070 1.8
67SS .086 2.2
68SS .110 2.8

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