Binks Mach 1A Automatic HVLP Spray Gun

This Binks Mach 1 automatic spray gun (part Number: 6203-1204-4) is available in the nozzle size of 1.4 mm with 94P air cap. The gun offers a fine control of atomizing air pressure, side port air, and fluid flow.

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Technical Specifications

Part Number: 6203-1204-4
Type: Automatic
Atomization: HVLP
Fluid Nozzle:
1.4 mm (45-9400)
Air Cap:
94P (46-9400)
Fluid Needle: 47-478
Fluid Passages: Stainless Steel
Fluid Inlets: 3/8″ NPS (m)
Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPS (m)
Weight: 581 g [20.5 oz]
Construction: Drop-Forged Aluminum
Repair Kit: 54-3980 (not included)


The Binks Mach1A automatic spray gun is exceptionally rugged in construction, and is built to stand up under hard, continuous use. It is the automatic counterpart to the popular MACH 1 SL spray gun. The gun offers a fine control of atomizing air pressure, side port air, and fluid flow. The fluid flow and position of the needle can adjusted reproducible by means of a ratchet (option).

The automatic Binks Mach1A gun is a ‘conventional style’ air spray gun with special nozzles that allow it to operate as as an HVLP-compliant spray gun, i.e. air and fluid nozzles enable the gun to atomize fluid at low air pressure and velocities, creating the typical soft spray effect.


  • from light to very high viscosity materials,  such as stains, varnishes, thin lacquers, automotive refinishing materials
  • very heavy materials: Block FIller, Texture Coatings, Fire Retardants, Road Marking, Paint, Bitumastics, Adhesives, Cellular Plastisols, Underbody and Vitreous Coatings
  • Special Application: feathering (applications requiring more gradual valve opening for fluid flow control with trigger)

Instruction Manual/Parts Breakdown

Binks Mach 1A manual (source: manualslib)

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Is the Binks Mach 1A and Binks ‘BBR Automatic HVLP’ the same gun?

Yes, ‘Mach 1A’ is the model. And ‘BBR Automatic HVLP’ is printed on the body of the gun.

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