Graco AirPro EFX Automatic Air Spray Gun

The Graco AirPro EFX automatic air spray gun is available with nozzle sizes from 0.7 to 1.5 mm and air caps in HiTEch, LVMP, HVLP or conventional atomisation technology.

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Technical Specifications

Nozzle Sizes (options): 0.7 mm, 0.9 mm, 1.0 mm 1.1 mm, 1.3 mm or 1.5mm
Atomization Techniques (options): HiTEch, LVMP, HVLP or Conventional.
Manifold Design: direct connect (no manifold) or manifold
Weight (manifold style):
 575 g [20.3 oz]
Weight (direct connect style):
 275 g [9.7]
Maximum working fluid pressure: 7 bar [0.7 MPa]
Maximum working air pressure: 
7 bar [0.7 MPa]
Maximum working fluid temperature: 
49°C [120°F]


The needle packing of the Graco AirPro EFX automatic air spray gun is designed to withstand abrasive materials, including UV coatings. A special feature of the gun is the fluid adjustment, which is available with either a normal indexing knob or an ultra-precision knob (micro-meter telescopic knob), which allows the highest repeatability of fluid adjustment. Quick disconnect air fittings reduce maintenance time. The guns are available in two mounting styles, manifold and direct connect. Certain models of the AirPro EFX automatic air spray guns (1.0 mm and 1.5 mm nozzle sizes) are equipped with tungsten carbide, which extends the life of the guns when spraying metallic coatings and abrasive materials. According to the company, each gun is supplied with a serialized Spray Pattern Imaging Report, which includes an actual spray pattern photo created using laser light sheet imaging. This allows users to view a report listing the spray pattern benchmarks that each gun must meet prior to shipment.


General purpose finishing, special focus on electronics parts, such as computers, cell phones, consumer electronics and car electronics

Instruction Manual/Parts Breakdown

AirPro EFX Automatic Spray Gun Manual/Instructions/Parts  (*.pdf, source: Graco)

Model Options

Atomizing Type Nozzle Size (mm/inch) Models (with manifold) Models (no manifold)
Conventional 0.7 / 0.028 24B857 24B877
Conventional 0.9 / 0.035 24B858 24B878
Conventional 1.0 / 0.039 24M390* 24M392*
Conventional 1.1 / 0.043 24B859 24B879
Conventional 1.3 / 0.051 24B860 24B880
Conventional 1.5 / 0.059 24B861* n/a
HVLP 0.5 / 0.020 24B862 n/a
HVLP 0.7 / 0.028 24B863 24B881
HVLP 1.1 / 0.043 24B864 24B882
HVLP 1.3 / 0.051 24B865 24B883
HiTEch 0.7 / 0.028 24B866 24B884
HiTEch 1.0 / 0.039 24B867* 24B885*
HiTEch 1.5 / 0.059 24B868* 24B886*
LVMP 0.5 / 0.020 24B869 24B887
LVMP 0.7 / 0.028 24B870 24B888
LVMP 0.9 / 0.035 24B871 24B889
LVMP 1.0 / 0.039 24M391* 24M393*
LVMP 1.0 / 0.039 24P993 24P995
LVMP 1.1 / 0.043 24B872 24B890
LVMP 1.3 / 0.051 24B873 24B891
LVMP 1.3 / 0.051 24P994 24P996
LVMP 1.5 / 0.059 24B874* n/a
*Needle tip and nozzle exit made from tungsten carbide

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Atomizing technology

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