Iwata LPH400 Air Cap model LVX (orange)

Iwata LVX Air Cap (Part Number: 93548700) for LPH400 paint spray gun.

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The Iwata LVX air cap is suitable for LPH-400-134LVX (1.3 mm), LPH-400-144LVX (1.4 mm) and LPH-400-LVX (1.5 mm) spray guns.

Main Specifications:
Atomizing Air Pressure (recommended): 1.1 bar [16 psi]
Air Pressure (inside air cap): 0.7 bar [10 psi]
Air Consumption: 275 lpm [9.8 cfm]
Spray Pattern:
LPH-400-134LVX: 300 mm [11.8 inch]
LPH-400-144LVX: 310 mm [12.2 inch]
LPH-400-154LVX: 330 mm [13.0 inch]


Iwata LPH400 Product & Parts Catalog (pdf, source: Iwata)

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