Precise flow measurement of paint with ultrasonic flow meters

  • Non-contact ultrasonic flow meter
  • Wear- and maintenance-free sensor
  • Application: paint circulation systems (e.g. in automotive industry)

The precise measuring and dosing of paints is a prerequisite in paint finishing applications. There are many types of flow measurement methods and therefore different kind of flow meters available. Most of them are “mechanical” flow meters which are, due to its nature, prone to wear and mechanical failure. The German company Sonotec  goes another way and counts on ultrasonic technoly for its non-contact flow meters.

Sonoflow Co.55 Measurement Device 300x266 2

Flow measurement based on ultrasonic technology ensures that the right amount of paint is processed. Besides paint applications in automotive, this technology is suitable whenever liquid or water-based systems are processed.

Non-contact ultrasonic flow meter

The compact ultrasonic flow meter Sonoflow CO.55 is designed for the quick detection of the flow speed in flexible tubes and can be easily integrated electrically into a control. The measurement method can be adapted to parameters such as size of the tube, voltage supply, material characteristics and signal output (connection to computer via RS-485 interface). And as it is a clamp-on device (i.e. the paint tube is simply inserted into the flow meter device), it can be easily retrofitted. As an option, the company also offers its C³ Software in order to provide user-friendly sensor operation, configuration and calibration. The meter works with flexible tubing materials such as PVC, silicone, PFA and PTFE.

Wear- and maintenance-free sensor

The measurement with ultrasonic offers several advantages: the sensor is wear and maintenance-free. With a measuring rate of 250 HZ (i.e. 250 measurements per second) even smallest amounts of paints can precisely be measured. 

Special model for semiconductor industry available

Sonotec also offers a non-contact clamp-on flow meter, the model Semiflow CO.65, to measure abrasive, adherent, corrosive, and ultra-pure liquids on rigid plastic tubes and pipes as used in the semiconductor industry.