Binks Mach1 Fluid Nozzle Chart and Spare Parts

This ‘Fluid Tips’ (SYNO: ‘Fluid Nozzles’) overview/chart for Binks spray guns such as the Mach1 HVLP BBR, Mach1-SL, Binks Mach1-G and Binks Mach1A (automatic gun) helps users select the right nozzle size and find the correct part number.

Function of the Fluid Nozzle

The ‘Fluid Tips’ (SYNO: ‘Fluid Nozzles’) meters and directs the fluid into the air stream. It also serves as the seat for the fluid needle, which opens and shuts off the fluid flow.

Fluid Nozzle Selection – General

Fluid nozzles are available in a variety of orifice sizes, which are determined by

  • Viscosity of Fluid The viscosity of the fluid is a key factor in determining the size of the orifice required. Heavy, higher viscosity fluids require larger orifices, while lighter, lower viscosity fluids flow more easily and require smaller fluid orifices.
  • Required Material Amount (keyword: speed of application)
Fluid Nozzle Size Viscosity RangeSample
0.5-0.7 mm [0.022-0.026 in]very thinacetone
0.8-1.2 mm [0.03-0.046 in]thinwater
1.3-1.8 mm [0.05-0.07]mediumSAE-10 oil
2.0-2.8 mm [0.08-0.110]heavyDAE-50 oil
2.9-12.7 mm [0.115-0.500]very heavyvaseline

Fluid Nozzle Part Number Overview

Nozzle No.Nozzle Part No.Nozzle SizeSpray Gun Model
8945-89000.5 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
89A45-89020.65 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
9045-90000.8 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
9145-91001.0 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
9245-92001.2 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
9345-93001.3 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
9445-94001.4 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
9545-95001.5 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
9645-96001.6 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
9745-97001.7 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
90345-90302.0 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
90545-90502.3 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
90645-90602.5 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
90945-90902.8 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
94VT45-94011.3 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
905VT45-90512.3 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
909VT45-90912.8 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
92GS45-68601.2 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
94GS45-94041.4 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
96GS45-68631.6 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
97GS45-97041.7 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
90F45-90020.8 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
91F45-91021.0 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
92F45-92021.2 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
94F45-94021.4 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
97F45-97021.7 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
94S45-94041.4 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
97S45-97041.7 mmMach 1-G,-SL,-A
NOTE: we cannot guarantee for the accuracy or are responsible for any mistakes/errors. This is a general guide only. If you want to use a specific fluid nozzle please check the manual

Difference between Binks Mach 1SL and Mach 1 HVLP BBR?

The Binks Mach 1SL HVLP is the successor of the Binks Mach 1 HVLP (embossed with “BBR”). The Mach 1SL (“SL” stands for Slim Line) is lighter and slimmer than the “BBR” model. Both models use the above listed fluid nozzles and air caps. However, fluid needles and many other parts are different.

Binks Mach 1SL HVLPBinks Mach HVLP “BBR”
Binks Mach 1SL Spray GunBinks Mach 1 HVLP BBR Spray Gun
Body:drop-forged aluminiumdrop-forged aluminium
Weight:16.5 oz. [468 g]20.1 oz. [570 g]
Manual/Part List:part sheet 77-2665R-4part sheet 2463R-9
Gun Repair Kit:54-427854-3605

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