Spray Gun Cup Systems: 3M PPS System and Alternatives

More than 20 years ago, 3M invented the first disposable paint cup system for spray guns. Soon after, Sata (PRS system) and Devilbiss (Dekups system) introduced their own disposable spray gun cup systems. And just recently, Devilbiss introduced another disposable cup system: Snap N Flow. The four different systems all perform the basic functions of mixing, painting, refilling and storing. And such disposable paint cup systems save time and solvent usage compared to conventional mixing cups and conventional gun cleaning (only the fluid passage needs to be cleaned). But the difference is in the details.

Comparison – Different Cup Systems

System3M PPS 2.0Sata RPSDevilbiss DeKupsDevilbiss Snap N Flow
Cup Sizes90 ml (3 oz.)
200 ml (6.8 oz.)
400 ml (13.5 oz.)
650 ml (22 oz.)
850 ml (28 oz.)
300 ml (10 oz.)
600 ml (20 oz.)
900 ml (30 oz.)
265 ml (9 oz.)
710 ml (24 oz.)
1000 ml (34 oz.)
440 ml (15 oz.)
940 ml (32 oz.)
UV Version yes600 ml (20 oz.)
Adapter Variety (approx.)36 adapters18 adapters10 adapters15 adapters
Adapters for other brands?yesyesyesyes
Disc Filter (Lid)125 micron
200 micron
125 micron
200 micron
125 micron
200 micron
125 micron
200 micron
Spray at any angle (upside down)?yesyesyesno
Part Number System**26xxx101xxxxDPC-xxxSNF-XXX


Technical Details

  • PPS stands for “Paint Preparation System”
  • Quarter-Turn Lid Locking System
  • FAQ: What is the difference between 3M PPS (Original Series) and PPS Series 2.0?
    The adapter design has changed to a wide spout adapter with a four point connection. Also new is the domed lid with ring and full-diameter filter (more color under the filter improves flow consistency while reducing spitting). In addition, mixing ratios are pre-printed on the cups and an access window makes it easy to check paint levels. From the admin side: There is now a “2” in front of each part number.
  • 3M PPS Adapter Overview  (source: 3M)

How to use the 3M PPS System

Sata RPS

Technical Details

  • RPS stands for “Rapid Preparation System”
  • Cups fit directly onto SATA spray guns with QCC (Quick Cup Connector) without additional adapter (advantage: short fluid channel between cup and spray gun without unnecessary corners/edges, thus preventing possible material deposits)
  • Option of additional Barrel Filters
  • As an added bonus, users can scan the QR code outside of the RPS boxes to earn SATA Coins, which can be redeemed for SATA products or other rewards.

How to use the Sata RPS System

Devilbiss DeKups

Technial Details

  • Positive Locking Connection (Non-threaded)
  • Refill without opening cup lid
  • Self-dispensing packaging
  • Option of additional Barrel Filters of 200, 300 or 600 micron

How to use the Devilbiss DeKups System

Devilbiss Snap N Flow

Technical Details

  • Special mixing option: A shaker adapter is available to place the cup in a shaker (cup + flat lid + shaker adapter).
  • Lid with with different filter options (either 125 or 200 micron). Filter can be removed if not needed.
  • Devilbiss Adapter Overview  (source: Carlisle Fluid Technologies)


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