Optima 900L LVLP Spray Gun (Gravity Feed)

Optima 900i Paint Spray Gun
Optima 900i Spray Gun (photo: Bersch & Fratscher)

Technical Specifications

Model Number: 900 L / SG3213
1.4 mm
Atomization Technique: LVLV (Low Volume Low Pressure)
Transfer Efficiency: >70% (acc. to VOC – regulation)
Air inlet pressure (opt.): 2.0-2.5 bar
Air consumption: 215 lpm
Cup Capacity: 600 ml
Weight (without cup): 530 g

  • Needle and nozzle made of stainless steel
  • Steplessly adjustable pattern width, air flow and fluid flow control
  • Needle packing (adjustable) made of Teflon
  • Turnable air connection


Optima spray guns are made in Germany and a symbol of quality in spray finishing. They have been repeatedly rated as “Best Spray Gun in the World” by different surveys. It is indeed one of the best spray guns available for today’s high-tech finishes. The LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure) design , coupled with sonic internal air velocity, provides an extreme fine atomization and reduces overspray at very low air consumption. Another feature is the very wide, full-wet, soft fan pattern. This is the perfect gun for any medium to high solids finishing materials, including clear coats and waterborne materials, the gun made for automotive refinishing applications.

Also available:
SG3211 Optima Euro 900 LVLP Gun 1.2 mm
SG3212 Optima Euro 900 LVLP Gun 1.3 mm
SG3213 Optima Euro 900 LVLP Gun 1.4 mm
SG3214 Optima Euro 900 LVLP Gun 1.5 mm
SG3215 Optima Euro 900 LVLP Gun 1.8 mm


Automotive refinishing, General purpose finishing

Special Edition Optima 910 Soccer

The Soccer European Championship 2012 in Poland and Ukraine has inspired the spray gun manufacturer Bersch & Fratscher GmbH. The company offers a special edition of it Optima 910 spray gun, the “Optima 910 Soccer” (can be ordered with the nozzle size of choice and the order numbers 001182-I and 001182-LVLP)

Update: the Optima 910 spray gun is not available anymore. The latest version is now Durr Ecogun 910 LVLP.

Competitor Products

Devilbiss JGX-502, Binks Mach1, Iwata LPH-400

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