Iwata Spray Gun Repair and Rebuild Kits

The Iwata spray gun repair and rebuild kit table provides an overview of spare parts for the different Iwata air spray gun models, including Iwata LPH400, W400, WS400, LPH50, LPH80, Iwata Eclipse, Supernovaand and Genius Pro, containing the most common repair and replacement parts.

Note: In addition to the specific repair/rebuild kit of each model, Iwata also offers a maintenance and cleaning kit MK5 (part number 2950) which is suitable for all models and includes air cap cleaning pins and holder, large bottle brush, end brush and holder.

Overview Iwata Repair/Rebuild Kits

Iwata Spray Gun ModelRepair Kit
Iwata LS400, WS-400HD5652
Iwata W-400, W-400-LV, LPH-400-LV, LPH-400-LVX, LPH-400-LVB, LPH-200-P, LPH-200-LVP, LPH-2003, LPH-300-LV, LPH-101-P, LPH-101-LVP, LPH-101-LVS, LPH-101-LVG5650 2950
Iwata LPH-80, LPH-50, Iwata RG32860 2950
Iwata W-200, W-200-P, W-200-ZP, W-200-S25, W-200-S, W-2003, W-101-P, W-101-S, W-101-G5650
Iwata W-77-P, W-77-S, W-77-G3129
Iwata W-71-P, W-71-G, W-71-S3003

What is the difference between Iwata and Anest Iwata?

Anest Iwata (or more precisely Anest Iwata Corporation) is the registered company in Japan. The company has different divisions, including Coating Equipment, Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Fluid Engineering. The spray guns are referred to and labeled as Iwata.

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