Quantm: Electric Double Diaphragm Pump from Graco

  • Electrically operated diaphragm pump uses up to 80% less energy than standard AODD
  • Wide Range of Materials of Construction
  • Available as sanitary electric diaphragm pump
  • Integrated controls and no gearbox

Graco is well known for its wide range of spray and fluid handling equipment, including the Husky range of air-operated diaphragm pumps. Now the company has announced the release of its new electric operated double diaphragm (EODD): Quantm. The electric motor-driven pump is up to 8 times more efficient than a standard AODD counterpart.

Wide Range of Materials of Construction

As an air-operated diaphragm pump, the new Quantm is offered in a wide range of materials of construction to cover industrial and hygienic applications, including sanitary, chemical processing, water treatment, paint manufacture, food and beverage and pharmaceuticals. The pump is self-priming, dry running, capable of handling solids and abrasives and can be safely shut down under pressure. In addition, the Quantm only requires a standard 110V-240V power supply (no compressed air required).

Graco quantm electric double diaphragm pumps in different material/ housing options

Integrated Controls and No Gearbox

The pump is designed to be a reliable drop-in replacement for existing pneumatic pumps or for greenfield construction. With no gearbox and built-in controls to regulate flow and pressure, this pump is designed for harsh industrial or hygienic environments. The new FluxCore motors and drives deliver up to eight times more continuous torque at low speeds than conventional motors, according to the company.

Graco currently offers the Quantm design in 1″ (Quantm i30), 1-1/2″ (Quantm i80) and 2″ (Quantm i120) sizes. Many material options are available for pump bodies, diaphragms, seats, balls and seals.

Video: How does the Electric Operated Double Diaphragm (EODD) works?

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