FDA Sanitary Diaphragm Pumps: Graco Saniforce 1040 vs. Wilden Saniflo PX2

Whether used for fruit juices, sauces, food-grade oils, jams or jellies, the Graco SaniForce and Wilden Saniflow diaphragm pumps are considered as the leading FDA-certified sanitary AODD (Air Operated Double Diaphragm) pumps in the 150 lpm [40 gpm] range. Here we provide an overview and technical information.

Model Overview & Comparison

ModelGraco Saniforce 1040Wilden Saniflo PX2
Flow Rate (max.) 151 lpm [40 gpm]153 lpm [41 gpm]
Suction Lift (max.)8.83 m [29 ft] wet
4.87 m [16 ft] dry
8.6 m [28 ft] wet
2.6 m [9 ft] dry
Temperature Fluid (max.)*104.4°C [220°F]104.4°C [220°F]
Material Connections1.5 in [38 mm] Tri-clamp1 in [25 mm] Tri-clamp
Solid Size (max.)3.2 mm6.4mm
Viscosity (max.)10,000 cpsn/a
**based on PTFE diaphragm

Misc. Features

Graco Saniforce 1040

Wilden Saniflo PX2

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